Project Design


The Hawaiʻi Quality of Life and Workplace Wellness Survey aims to query a large, representative sample of both state workers and community members across the state on a variety of topics critical to quality of life. To achieve this goal, we plan to recruit participants by:

1. Inviting state workers to participate via state list servs; 

2. Partnering with a local survey company; and

3. Engaging in partnerships with community groups.


The survey covers a broad range of quality of life topics and asks individuals about their home neighborhoods, disaster preparedness, food security, housing, family and community supports and resources, education, workplaces, physical and mental health, adverse childhood experiences, and access to services. Topics will be viewable across a range of sociodemographic factors, including: race and ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, education, language, veteran status, and more. Most items were obtained from publicly available measures, utilized in large, national surveys. Some items were developed by the research team specifically for this survey. In the 2024 version of the survey, topic selection was driven by theory (including social determinants of health, adverse childhood experiences, and the framework for worker well-being), recent events (including disaster preparedness), and policy needs.

It is hoped that future iterations of the survey will include certain core survey items, in order to assess progress over time.


Coming Soon!